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Child hood stories from Holgate

I was running in front of my house one day on my way home to pick up my baseball and bat.

My neighbor lady, Mrs. Sylva Bailey suddenly yelled my name. “Hey, Ron, come here”

“Sorry Mrs. Bailey, I can’t stop… I got to go to a base ball game.” Was my reply.

“You get over here … Now” . Was her reply.. 

It was not often that I was invited to play base after school.

My dad was away to busy to teach me the fundamentals of the game. I guess it’s because he had never played the game himself or never develop the skills him self. Most other kids had a head up because their fathers would teach them.

For me to be invited to play the game after school was a treat.

Basket and baseball were the only two sports played at Holgate school so to be invited to play baseball .

I was ecstatic.

“Ron you come over here right now”. Second request.

“But, Mrs. BaileyI” said I.

“ I’m on my way to play baseball and I gotta go to school.”

“I don’t care come over here right now” said Mrs. Bailey.

I got near …she grabbed my ear.

She drug me over to where the flowers were.

“Look at this” pointing to some flowers that were laying on the ground.

Mrs. Bailey was our neighbor for 10 years .

She was a widowed lady a little over weight who’s husband died many years ago.

Her hobby was growing Pina bushes, a multicolor long stem flowers bed that surrounded her house.

She was the pride of Henry County Fair, every year.

As I look down I saw two of her prize bushes only 2 inches high and normally they were like 30 inches.

The remains were scattered about …like a goat had breakfast.

So what the big deal? You still have 20 or 30 more. I was thinking.

“What are you going to do?” said Mrs Bailey.

“But… But “was my reply.

“I had nothing to do with it.” 

Just in the nick of time …my backside was shaved. My Mother come out of the house and took over the problem.

You guess it ….our goat got out and had breakfast but more on that later.

Some Background

We lived in the middle of town before my father bought the old farmhouse on the outside of town.

Five years later dad built a new brick two story home with all the modern convenient that was next to Mrs Bailey home.

Holgate, Ohio had a population of around 1500 at this time.

That is if you counted everybody. I’m talking dogs, cats, etc

The other famous person, was Joe E Brown.

And he left Holgate age of 13 to join the circus.

Later he became a Hollywood actor … more about him sometime later.

Back to Sylva

Still fuming about my ear and fact I did not get to play my favorite game.

I don’t know what she’s complaining about she only lost two plants and she’ll still had over 30 left.

Two days later

Behind Sylva house, was an outdoor toilet… which had a two holes. This outdoor house was 60 feet behind the main house .

As I remember it… I saw her standing in the doorway.

She turn around to clean it…giving me a good shot of her back side.

Then I heard a noise behind me.. the goat.

There was a fence and a gate between Sylva property and our property.

With the gate open, the goat had a good shot at Sylvia backside..
cleaning her outdoor toilet.

The goat rushed at her…

I panicked and I yelled .

“Hey.. Sylvia “

“What out.”

“The goat coming”

She got the door closed just in time .

The goat slammed into the door but she was OK and we were friends after that.

“Oh Thank you Ron.” was her reply.

I never told her anything different.

More Stories

The old Farm House belong to an estate with 3 1/2 acres of Apple Orchard.

Full of weeds and tall grass.

Consisted of house, barn, a chicken coop, cellar, and a serious of sheds .

My uncle John suggested to my dad, that he bring over some cattle.

The cattle would eat the grass and then dad could remove the weeds .

Several weeks later Uncle John brought over a young lamb in payment for feeding his cattle…because dad would not take any payment.

Several days later he also brought a young goat. Sylva’s friend.


What would happen if these two never seen each other?

Let find out.

So brother Bill put his hands over the eyes of the sheep, and I put my hands over the goat.

We were about 10 feet apart… “On your mark …Get ready, Set, Go.”

Each took a look at each other. 

They lowered their heads 


Each back off about 3 feet and they tried again.

But that was it.

We pulled them apart to see if they would do it again.
No way …they had enough.. 

From they on, they were inseparable.

Watch out….. Everybody were fair game inside the orchard.

If you were unfortunate enough to come into the orchard, you were looking to get a ride “On the reading”… these two guys were famous for giving the best rides.

Including my Mother..the sheep would chase Mother as soon as she opened gate..

The kids or my three brothers and I, were their friends. 

In fact, Brother John and Brother Tom would ride the sheep all around the yard near the chicken coop, like riding a horse without a saddle.

In addition we had planted a large garden and mother would work in the garden but we would have to take both animals, goat and the sheep to the back of the chicken coop to keep them from seeing her..

Mother on the other hand, would also gather the eggs.

As I mentioned we had a chicken coop on the small farm on the outside of town… every day mother would would go out to gather the eggs from the 20 or so …chickens.

She would pick up the eggs and place them in a 2 gallon aluminum kettle. 

She would alway say “all right take the sheep behind the chicken coop and hold him while I will gather the eggs.” This was an every day routine.

But one day it happened she was leaving the Chicken Coop headed for the gate about 30 feet away. Now I’m not sure whose idea this was. 

“What do you think would happen?”.. I said to my brother “If we’d let him go?” 

Not a good idea. 

So Mother was walking from the Chicken Coop back to the house with this aluminum kettle and the sheep spotted her and the shinny 

The sheep hit the kettle and eggs went everywhere ,

Mother, on the other hand, became a sprinter, made one leap and cleared that four foot fence without a problem.

Looking, some what ruffled turned around she said “ What happen?”. “Did it get away.?”

We never told what really happened until many years later.

Swiss Gardens

The property separated by 5 foot wood fence between our property and their’s was a place called Swiss Gardens. 

The property itself was about 8 acres with 2 acres of pond. The building itself consisted of two structures. Inside resemble a country club appearance with a dance floor and dinning tables with several large bars and the other set of buildings was an outdoor dance floor..

The outdoor dance floor had a large band shelter surrounded by the 150’ x 150’ dance floor. Surrounding the dance floor were sturdy wooden picnic tables. 

Holgate itself was located in the Northwest part of Ohio, but after word got out …it was the only place for hundred of miles for adult entertainment.

Large name bands played there.

The really interesting was that this was little town would bring the likes of such bands . Names like Bob Crosby, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller hosted by Tex Beneke , Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown, Charlie Spivak, and Guy Lombardo.

I especially remember Guy Lombardo who formed the Royal Canadians in 1924 with his brothers Carmen, Lebert, and Victor, and other musicians from his hometown. They billed themselves as creating “the sweetest music this side of Heaven” They played there often. I quess it was because they were from Canada.

What interesting about the location of Holgate , it was halfway point between Chicago and New York and allowed the people of the bands to layover as they traveled across the Country.

I special day, I was probably 15 , Stan Kenton one Saturday afternoon he pulls up with a white Jag convertible.

I said to Mr.Kenton “I never seen a car like this one.”
How would you like to set in it? 

I got in I couldn’t believe it here I am sitting in the Stan Kenton car

Four year later I had one of my first date and we went to hear Stan and his band. “Stan the Man. “

This was the best entertainment that you could have and we live right next-door to Swiss Gardens, separate by the fence. 

One of My First Jobs

With Swiss Garden so close it provided other opportunities. One my first jobs was to clean up the out door dance floor after school on Monday evenings. 

Sometimes, clean up turn up big surprises, such a $20 bills, or finding a diamond ring, granted it was not an expensive ring but that was for extra benefits that we had.

Living next door to the dance floor was quite a treat, especially the larger and better bands that were playing yes, next to our house.

Vern Shoemaker had built Swish Gardens to a point where it was the best outdoor entertainment place in Ohio.

Vern was a good friend of my father had been working for him as a bartender during the weekends.

But sometimes It cause parking problems…the crowds were so large that they block the highway and our drive way..

One day a two couples in big car pull into the our drive way. They were apparent drunk but they were going to get out and leave their car in our drive way.. 

My father was mad..

“Move it or loose it”, was his reply.

The driver was a big guy and said something to the effect, that he was not going to move any thing..

My father said “No Problem”. “I be right back 

You should have seen the guy face when my father returned with his shot gun.

He spun the tires backing up while his is wife and other couple were trying to in the car.

One day Vern had come over as we were tearing down the old barn.

We stack the lumber to the top of 5 foot wood fence that separated Swiss Gardens parking lot from our property.

Vern was talking to my father about some project, why we were all standing around. 

Vern had bit off some chewing tobacco… he was looking around for some places to spit it out after he had chewing for a while.

As he spit, our sheep moved into his line of fire and the tobacco juice hit the sheep in the face but most of the chew landed in the eye.

The sheep went crazy he’s running around he’s rubbing his eyes in the grass. When finally cleared his eyes. 

He looked up at Vern, raised his head gave a snort and was ready to give Vern on a ride..

It only to Vern took one look and he knew he he was in trouble because the sheep eyes turned red .

Vern bolted up the pile of boards to the top of the fence and then 
jumped to his side of the property.

The sheep was right behind him, but the sheep stopped at the top of the pile and looked at him.

Vern saw the sheep had stop and stuck his thumb in his ears and wave is finger at the sheep… making fun of the sheep who had turn around off the the board piles was disappointed.

Couple Days later.

Vern was cleaning around the front of his entrance of the building 
When the next thing ….I saw the sheep go out and was had a full head of steam right for Vern.

I yelled just in time… he got inside the door just and” Wham”. Later Vern had to replace the front door where the sheep had hit a couple of times…Both still mad as hell.

Sheep Looking for More Opportunities

At the back of Vern property and back up to our apple orchard was a 3 acre pond.

It was our great fishing hole in the summer and a skating or hockey rink in the winter.

One summer day, Joe Poulson my cousin decided to go fishing.

Joe had just graduated from High School and was going to take couple of day off before he started his first job.

With the fishing pole in the hand …he just made his first cast and had sit down.. with his back against the fence.

Most of the 4 foot fence was upright except when most of the kids used it as as a short cut …at that point, it was put down to about two foot height.

The Highlights of the Pond.

At one end of the pond, near to where Joe was… a growth of cat tails..

For those that are not familiar…cat tails are tall sturdy plants up 8 feet height with long roots; flat leaves and long, cylindrical brown flower that out the top.

They provide a safe haven for fish, frogs, turtles etc

The pond was stock with blue gill, cat fish, trout and bass fish…..a fishermen paradise.

Joe’s knew where the fish were, but made his first mistake when he put on his red shirt.

As I mention earlier …Joe had made his first cast and had sit down with his back up to the lowered fence…

Suddenly the lights went out and Joe found himself in the middle of the pond. 

He thought he was hit by truck….”No, it was not a truck”.

The sheep hit in the back and knock him into the middle of the pond.

Joe was a big boy. He climb out..looking down at the sheep…

Joe lost it…”Come here sheep”…Joe grab the sheep by the head and threw him into the pond.

Not a good idea.

Now, the sheep mad as hell.

Joe had with fishing that day and began picking up his fishing equipment and turn around only to see the sheep with those flaming red eyes.

Red eyes, snorting of the nostrils and lowered his head. 

Without discussion…. Joe dropped everything and headed for the nearest Apple tree.

This is where I found them.

I heard a cry of anguish… “”Hey, Ron”

“Come and get your sheep”

“How are you been up there.?”

“About two hours.” he said 

He did not discuss it further….”I’m through with fishing” …were the last words I remember “And I though with sheep.”

As I mention in an early story…

Another Story

Mother love those chickens..

An was very protective of her chickens especially the one rooster.

One day a couple of my friends Norman Dickman and Francis Poulson, the brother of Joe had come to visit.

Francis was great baseball player, but to show you how good he was… playing centerfield for the High School baseball team.. he had pick up a line drive that was hit to him. 

As the hitter rounded first , Francis from center field threw the ball at the first baseman. The ball sailed over the first baseman head and cleared a 20 foot into a neighbor yard next door. You might say he lost it. 

He was known to have the best arm in the county.

In order to show off… and to show him how good my arm was. I saw our rooster on a dead run about 100 feet away.

I pick up an apple and threw it towards him.

“Wham”.. right in the head. 

“Now, i’m in trouble.” I remember. It was Mother favorite chicken. 

We ran over to the chicken and it kept blinking his eyes.

Now what?

Like In the movies. You throw water on the victim and they recover.

I race to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Thinking if I dump the water on the chicken … it might be OK. 

In the kitchen I ran into mom. 

“Quick” “Mom” I said.

“My friend Francis needs a glass of water.”

My mother… “Smelled a Rat” 

The “Jig was Up” another favorite saying.

Mothers know when your trying to pull a fast one.

I took the water outside and I dumped it on the chickens head.

All he did was blink.

No movement, at least as far as the chicken was concern.

But the was a lot of moving as far as Francis and Norman 

were concern, they ran off…

Francis and Norman saw mother with a broom.

You want movement?

More movement…you bet.

Me going in the house with Mother chasing me with the broom.

We had chicken on the table that night.

Back to Francis.

He was somebody that you looked up to.

Not only was he the smartest guy in the class, namely, the senior class president but he was a good guy that could be called a friend.

He went to the University of Dayton with a chemistry degree and landed a job with Campbell Soup .

Later moving to Philadelphia as Campbell Soup 
chief chemist.

Back to the Story.

Back to the pond.

Same pond that brother Joe and the sheep tangled.

Francis and I were over at the pond looking for fish on summer day..

Looking down into the water.

“Do you see that?” said Francis.

“No! What are you looking at?” said I.

“Down there” said he.

“That little frog and the snake ” said he.

The pond waters were mucky that green with algae. 

Very hard to see…let alone the green frog and green snake.

“That little frog is going to get it” said he.

“Pick up that rock behind you” said he

“ I don’t see it ‘ said I.

He point his finger to the water. 

“ I don’t see it ‘ said I.

Right there…his hand was touching the water.

“Throw the rock and get that snake.” said he.

And I did ..then we called him “Lefty” from then on.

Since his thumb was all bandage up for weeks.

My Father

My father named was Wilfred. His friend called him Bill or William.

Dad got into the electrical field doing the depression.

First as a journeyman, supervisor, foreman, general foreman, and then eventually small contractor in some areas of a little town of Holgate.

He was also elected to our city Council he was president of the Council..

One story about my dad eight days back about the time or Halloween which is one of our favorite times of year.

This time of year that kids can be kids.

And the only time of the year when the parents and most all in the community would tolerate their mischievous ways.

Donald Romas on the other hand, another one of my buddies knocked on my door one evening.

“Ron, can hear me ?”

“What?” I said. 

“What do you want? said I. 

“Go get your goat.” said he.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you crazy?. “

“I don’t know where it is.” I said 

“He on the other side of the fence” said he.

“No way Jose” said I.

The sun had just gone down …almost dark about 8: 30 pm, on the eve of Halloween.

“ By the way we also need a ladder “, said he.

“What do you need a ladder for. ” said I.

I knew I was in trouble….

Donald was with a couple of other friends from school.

I knew they were up to no good and I was the deep trouble.

As I mention before Sylvia house was right next to ours.

She had a back porch with a flat roof about 8 feet high with a two-story pitched roof.

My father had used the ladder earlier in the day and left it out side.

“Here it Is”, one of the kids said.

Next thing, the kids did was to placed the ladder next to the flat roof on the outside of her house.

Let the games begin.

Being as quite as possible… because Sylvia could not hear every well and alway had TV very load .

Every time she thought she heard something.

Next I got the goat….her favorite pet. 

Three boys lifted the goat up the ladder.

The goat began making a load noise. “Baa”

Sylvia look up…as we could see her in the window.

Every body was ready to run …in case she come out.

Finally they got the goat to the top part of ladder, then on to the flat part of porch roof.

Again, the goat was making a lot of noise.

The goat headed straight for the peak of the roof …Baa, at the top of it lungs.

They pull the ladder down and we all ran like hell.

We ran about mile almost to the center of town.

By the time we got to the railroad tracks the fire whistle blew.

The local fire department consisted of volunteers. When someone needed help… they would they would meet at the fire department… get in the truck and go to the incident.

Our favorite hangout was the pool hall… so we didn’t stop till we hit the pool hall door. Each one of us grabbed a pool stick and we began playing pool. This was our alibi. 

About 45 minutes to an hour later I saw my dad standing in the door way of the pool hall.

Standing in the doorway of the pool hall area and he was motioning to me. 

“How long of you been here.? Why? What did I tell you.. and you know this place is out of bounds for you on a school night.” said Dad.

“What are you doing here buddy.? How long have you been here? he continued.

“Oh …I guess about an hour so”. said I.

“ I’m guessing did not hear the noise?” “Did you hear the fire whistle?” said Dad.

“I want you to get your little butt home ..Now”, as he left.

I knew I was in trouble and I was probable going to get more of the same when I got home.

My father had mastered the third degree technique . 

I knew it was time to play dumb. I became an incredible actor. Shrugging my shoulders, with a blank stare. I projected my innocence look with my eyes by turning my head upward then turn around and looking back. This might work, yet I thought.

Only thing that saved us that particular day was the fact it was Halloween. They thought it was quite funny and so they laughed it off however Sylvia was not happy and blamed me for the whole incident.

It took my dad and four firemen over an hour to get the goat off the roof…apparently the goat like the peak of the roof and wanted to stay.

Sylvia was My Mother’s Friend.

She kept mother informed on everything. She was the neighborhood gossip. One day, I heard a scream coming from Sylvia. 

Your goat just got out of your fence and is running around in the back of my house.

Behind her outhouse, Sylvia stashed her garbage.. they have an old saying that goats eat tin can. It’s not true. What I think happens …is they like paper on the can or it might be the glue that holds to paper to the can. Anyway the goat had taken possession of the back yard and Sylvia wanted no part of this goat. The earlier story had her convinced that now was the time to leave and leave me with the problem. 

Again I saved her.

“You save my the day. And for a small treat for you..” said Sylvia “I have a couple of cookie for you” I was a sucker for cookies.

The Older Neighborhood

Yeah, I was a sucker for cookies. I remember Mrs. Kearns. She was another neighbor lady who lived next-door at first house we live in. I am probably five or six. Mrs. Kearns just made a batch of cookies and had placed them on the edge of the window ….the aroma was too much.

I had snuck over and under the window and snatched a cookie off the plate above my head. About the time I was ready to put it in my mouth.. “A hand grab me.”

“ What are you doing… eating my cookies?” I was caught red-handed. Said the voice.

The world… my world disappeared before my eyes. 

“Would you like another.?”

What that? I must be hearing things…. 

The voice continued…

“Come on inside and you can have a glass of milk to go with the cookies” was her reply.

I was bless on that day.

Mrs. Kerns property was next to my house with an alley that separated the two properties. 

One day I said to myself .. What a great day for ride.

So I got on Mother’s bike and headed down the alley..

Mother away reminded us …if you ride my bike be careful and don’t scat it….Mother bike was a woman’s bike and little big for me..

Just a little more speed I thought ….but by the time I got down to the end of the alley downhill …I realized I was going to fast and I could not shut it down.

I tried to make a quit right turn on to the side walk around some hedge .

I ricocheted off of the tree and into the grass, My bike was on top of me …speed coming down hill in loose stones was not a good idea. I was pretty banged up…. But Mother bike was scratched with the wheel bent. “Now what am I going to do? What I”m going to tell Mother? 

Well I could blame it on Jim Bortz. 

Well let me start off by saying, that Jim Bortz, my neighbor, was a no friend of mine.

Jim was a big guy but was only a year older. He was at leased a foot taller and weighed probably 20 more pounds than me.

He’s very big for his age and a marble champion… and loved taking my marbles. One day I got into an argument about the game of marbles we were playing. Where he claimed “he hit my marble and then went on to say …. he won..” 

“No way…not even close” said I.

Well I hit it… it’s my marble and I am taking it.” “ What are you going to do?”. said he.

Nothing I could do …he was bigger than me and was always taking my marbles.. So what am I going to do?

We are talking about excuses here and I need one now.

Back to Story and My Bike.

I could always blame Jim… he was my go to fall guy.

I had this story all cooked up when I heard Mother coming down the alley …apparent she heard me scream…..Mother said…”Are you hurt?” “Bring the bike and let me help you back to the house”…

She forgot about the bike and her only concern was me..and I did not even need the made up excuse with Jim.

I was blessed again.

Jim Bortz Continued

This reminds me when of earlier story.

I was about five when I first meet Jim, he about seven, but as I mentioned, full foot taller, had come over to my house to play on this  
particular day.

We had spotted a robin flying around over head and she had build a nest in the top of the pear tree next to my house.

“Where the robin?” Jim asked.

Big mistake …I pointed to the pear tree.

At this point he was a friend …Jim asked… “Do you have a ladder.”? 

We pointed to the garage, we were not allowed near the ladder but Jim said “I get it”.

He grabbed it and placed it up against the tree hoping to inspect the robins nest.

“Better not go up there” I warned. 

To late… he was half up the ladder when the robin come swooping down. 

Ducking… the robin swoops down head for Jim.

Jim just wave his hands.. and glances into the nest and announces that it contains three eggs. 

The robin was flying around, dive bombing him over and over, it was obviously she was not happy with the whole situation, but Jim, reached into the ness pullout a small baby robin egg turn around to show us as we were standing on the ground… he drop it. 

Robin went crazy..

Jim claimed it accidentally fell out his hand, and dropped to the ground and broke.

What panic…and the mother robin now was really mad, swooping down aging and again.

Jim ducks …then slips; grab the nest by mistake and the whole thing fall to the ground. 

“What a big fiasco”, now robin was attacking all us.

Jim made one jump off the ladder and headed for home but this was our home we had no place to run except in side. .

Every time I tried to open the door to leave the house, the robin would swoop down.

I even tried apologizing to her, but she still had plenty of hostility.

“Mrs. Robin …was my story “I’m real sorry” but she was not haven’t none of it. 

“It was not my fault…I’m insolent.” I pleated. 

One day another friend told us about his cat.

“I bring my cat over and that be all it wrote.” he said. 

“Ok” “ It sound like plan “I said.

That Robin chased me all summer….and where was Jim? No where to be seen. 

My friend dropped the cat off…the robin dove at her. The cat took a swipe. But bird made another loop and attacks the cat from the back… the bird flew into the back of cat with it feet hitting the backside of the cat.

What do they sometime say… “A good all fence is better than a good defense.”

Well you should her that cat run. The cat never came back. 

That robin swoops down on me all summer. Finally, one day she disappeared and we never saw her against. 

Their always a message to be learned, if you’re inspecting an area of undetermined origin, best is prepared for the latest or unusual circumstances. 

Jim didn’t come back to play all summer. I was mad at him any way. 

Another Incident

The following year, another one of those “never forget experiences”.

Mother had sent me to the store, to buy hot dogs and buns for the evening meal. 

“And don’t forget the Chile” mother reminded me.

On the way back from the grocery store, I stopped at the bridge, that crossed what we called it “stinky creek.”

It had just rained and the water was unusually high for this time of year… All sudden a thought I saw something, floating in the water. 

I bent over a pipe like railing to get a better looked.

I had the bread and chili in one hand and the hot dogs in the other.

Just one more look, I thought I saw something else and Presto… I drop the hot dogs in the water and my life pass bye me, right before my eyes…

How was I ever going to explain this to my mother? 

A stoke of brilliance hit me…I lie.

I conjured up a great story and with some good acting and big crocodile tears, should be able to pull this thing off. 

I when into the house sobbing… “What happen to you?” my mother wanted to know… 

As I recall we had barely enough to pay for that dogs, bread and chili.

My dad was working out of town and was going to be home for a couple of days. 

As the story ….”I explaining it to my Mother, my ex friend Jim was the same one that got me in trouble with the robin.

I claimed he had met me on the bridge, in an attempt to grab me I lost the hot dogs. “That does it, come with me” mother said.

Jim was the fall guy for this plot.

He had put me in several bad spots more than a couple times after the robin incidents.

He always found some way to either win my marble or at the very least intimidate me by threaten to beat me up if I didn’t to something for him or let him win something. 

Mother called him a “bully: and this was the last straw. 

Jim was always big for his age or I was extremely small for my age, we had a disparity of height and weight.

As I mention before… Mother was sick of it. 

She grabbed my arm and march me over to Jim’s house and rang their doorbell. 

Jim’s mother appeared in the doorway and before she could greet us.

Mother said “you’re son beat up my son and he lost the hot dogs. And I’m sick and tired of their fighting.”

Jim was sanding behind his mother in the door way and he of course new nothing of what had happened.

He looked at me, looked at my mother, then he look back at his mother, and shrugged his shoulder. 

For the first time he was puzzled but most of all he was speechless about whole ordeal. 

I did not say a word but I new I outdid my self but I would now have to suffer from the lie… I envision a huge penance. 

Revenge was sweet….if only temporary.

Jim waited several days and then it happened. One night after school.

He of course was not guilty this time… but he was just about to show me his usual… a good head grip. After he said, “You know you got me grounded”

When …out of the corner of my eye appeared Brother Bill. 

This didn’t bother Jim, who continued with his arm around my neck. 

Bill demanded Jim leave me go…I was it too late.

By the time, I said “Bill, What Out”…Jim grab him and pulled Bill on top of me and now he had both of us. 

How could Bill fall for that old trick?… I was on the bottom of the pile. 

Bill finally got away and Jim let me go. 

About of year later, Jim caught me after school and was about to give me another lesson in arm vs neck stretching routine and it was mine neck.

Then I notice of all people my brother Bill…again.

This time it was different… we were a year older.

By this time we were wise to Jim moves, brother Bill had gotten behind Jim in the kneeling position and I push Jim over Bill… and we both pounced on him. 

From then on we never had and trouble Jim. In fact he had saying “Stay way from those Like boys” especially when they are together.